Everyartist Live! 2014 is set for October 23.

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Be a part of the world’s largest celebration of kid-created art and help build awareness of the important role art plays in developing creative minds.

Creativity matters. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s problem solvers and nothing encourages young minds to blossom and grow like the creation of art.

Yet, art today is often viewed as a nice-to-have compliment to education, rather than a core part of the development of active minds.

Join Everyartist Live! and help build awareness of the important role that making art and creativity play in almost everything we do. and Everyartist Live! Aspire to give kids a time, place and community to create, discuss, share and enjoy art.

From 8,000 to 230,000 to 500,000
on our way to 1,000,000+

Last year more than 230,000 children in 46 states shared a day of painting, drawing, imagination, creativity and community—and in the process broke a worlds record for the largest single day art event in history.

This year we’re looking for parents, teachers and volunteers to help us grow 500,000 minds by getting more kids to make and share more art.

Why does sparking creativity matter so much?
Research shows that involvement with the creative arts increases our capacity to innovate as children and adults. It is also shown to increase motivation, cooperation and self-esteem.

Kids initiate their creative thinking abilities before they develop reading, writing, or arithmetic skills. It is creativity that drives innovation in everything…creativity is what moves people to new ideas and advancements.

Creativity is the foundation on which new ideas are built.

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